Supporter Profile: Mary Ellen Shupe

ANYTHING is better than nothing

1:  Describe yourself.

30, brown hair, blue eyes, 5’7”.

2:  What is your evaluation of the current state of politics in America.

A tragedy.  I’ve spent 15 years voting (foreign and domestic) for candidates that may, or may not have been criminals.  Well, I’m tired of it.  It’s time that America got at least one candidate who practiced what they preached.  I don’t know if it’s these two or not, but I’m really tired of looking around.

3:  How did you first encounter Simpson/Hemstead?

I’ve never met them.  But I have a friend who saw a commercial about them.  They talked only about honesty.  No muckraking, no dirty pool.  They didn’t even say what they were running for, or what party lines they were with.  They didn’t give me information I could later use against them by taking a side.  Or, at least that’s what she told me.

4:  At what point did you realize you were “ready for a change”?

Are you high?  Haven’t you been reading?

5:  What is your voting history?

I vote every chance I get.  Ever since I was four.  I used to make my parents give me the sample ballots they’d get in the mail and I’d fill them in.  I vote in foreign elections using the names of the recently deceased.  I vote for bills, measures, propositions, American Idol and what color to make the next M&M.  God I love Democracy!!

6:  Are you affiliated with any law enforcement agency?

No, but I do feel righteous in my enforcement of the law because I think i’ve gotten so many of them passed.

7:  How have you spread the word of Simpson/Hemstead to your peers?

I forwarded their commercial on youtube to my friends.

8:  What office do you see Simpson/Hemstead fulfilling and why?

I can control them, so I want them to have power.  Lots of it.  President.  Does anyone know what they’re running for?

9:  Are you on any prescription medications?

I took myself off of it.

10: Would you be willing to pose nude for a fund raising, pro-Simpson/Hemstead calendar?

Go to Hell.

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