Supporter Profile: Samantha Holly


Nestling Up to the Heaving Bosom of Democracy

1:  Describe yourself. 

Impossible. Moody. Loving. Goofy. Entertaining. Fun-loving. Giving. Protective. Imaginative. Unique. Witty. Zealous. Cuddly. Experimental. Creative. Self-conscious. Feminine. Playful. Anxious. Passionate. Curvy. Affectionate. Romantic. Sincere. Inquisitive. Feisty!

2:  What is your evaluation of the current state of politics in America.  


3:  How did you first encounter Simpson/Hemstead? 


4:  At what point did you realize you were “ready for a change”? 

When Simpson/Hemstead suggested it.

5:  What is your voting history? 

Uhh, well I have voted. That’s the history!

6:  Are you affiliated with any law enforcement agency? 


7:  How have you spread the word of Simpson/Hemstead to your peers? 

Told them I would let them see my boobs if they voted Simpson/Hemstead.*

8:  What office do you see Simpson/Hemstead fulfilling and why? 

Well, co-Prez of course.

9:  Are you on any prescription medications? 


10: Would you be willing to pose nude for a fund raising, pro-Simpson/Hemstead calendar?   


 * This is a class one, full bore supporter.  Willing to sacrifice body and soul for Simpson/Hemstead’s campaign.  For JesuAllaFasa sake people, if you weren’t going to vote Simpson/Hemstead before, I suggest stopping by Samantha Holly’s place for the most patriotic brrrrumski since the the Madison/Clinton debates of 1812.

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