This Is Your Fault, America

Americans Dissatisfied with WA/DC

You could have voted Simpson/Hemstead.  But you didn’t.  Hemstead, you could have voted Simpson/Hemstead but you didn’t.  Sigh.  Sometimes I feel like the right hand is sabotaging the left hand.

Well, at least another election is coming up, you can get it right I suppose.

We had two votes last election, maybe we can get it up to 8 by the next one.  When can Chloe and Jenny vote?

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Making the world unsafe for dumbocracy

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  1. Perhaps if you changed Hemstead to Hempstead you could get the Berkley vote…just thinking out loud.


    • We tried that. We didn’t get much done at the rallies other than snacking and saying “uhm… wouldn’t it be cool if America really did have like a real heart in the heartland? Like and someone dug it up and it was all beating and shit? And then like all the kids used it as a trampoline and then the adults did too, and like everything ended up in total peace and harmony?”


      • Ok how about this…change your name to Henri and just run as H. Simpson…

        Wait that won’t work…your opponents would just acuse you of being French and you’d be sunk.


      • Simpson/Hemstead has a plan for getting America on it’s coattails.


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