We Love Women. Especially Cool Ones.

We don’t usually get involved in other people’s affairs.  Okay, who are we kidding, that’s pretty much our campaign platform around here.  But we don’t always HAVE to put our big noses in to other people’s lives, but in looking at the Facebooks, and well the internet in general, we’ve discovered a common trend:  Generation Xers are their own worst enemy.

Not only do we have to take on the mantle being left to us by the first “but what about me” generation, but we’re going to have to, without question, grow up a considerable amount.  And in that way, Simpson/Hemstead gets nervous when it sees 30 somethings whining about how the world isn’t their special perfect little oyster.  That they’ve not gotten their trophy for just showing up to play the game of life.  And we find that it’s getting harder, and harder to find people willing to smack around the generation for it’s own good.   Wendy Atterberry is one of those people.

Wendy posts, among other places probably (we really haven’t done any research here) at a site called “The Frisky”, and apart from being pretty smokin’ hot red-head (not creepy ginger at all) she’s got some good things to say:

30 things every women should stop doing once she turns 30.

  1. Buying clothes from the junior section.
  2. Forgetting her parents’ birthdays.
  3. Making out with her BFFs at bars for attention.
  4. Making out with her boyfriend at bars for attention.
  5. Filling her bed with stuffed animals (really, even one is too many).
  6. Carrying a torch for anyone she hasn’t seen in the last five years.
  7. Rebelling against her parents for the sake of rebelling against her parents.
  8. Declaring an entire gender “all jerks.”
  9. Holding a grudge against anyone who wronged her in high school.
  10. Skipping regular gyno exams.
  11. Going to bed without washing and moisturizing her face.
  12. Being “that person” who had a bit too much to drink at the office party.
  13. Crushing on Justin Bieber.
  14. Thinking she’s got it all figured out.
  15. Calling her father “daddy.”
  16. Engaging in sibling rivalry.
  17. Trying to get by on her looks.
  18. Living paycheck to paycheck.
  19. Expecting a man/knight in shining armor to swoop in and save her.
  20. Aimlessly jumping from job to job.
  21. Using MySpace to pick up guys.
  22. Expecting a man to do all the wooing.
  23. Wishing she had someone else’s life.
  24. Expecting everyone to drop everything because it’s her birthday …
  25. … or because her “boyfriend” of two weeks dumped her.
  26. Measuring her self-worth by a number on the scale.
  27. Being cheap.
  28. Quitting a job without having a new one lined up first (especially in this economy!).
  29. Blaming her mother for all her issues.
  30. Romanticizing her 20s.

You can read the full posting here:  The Frisky but really we’ve given you the entire content.  Openly stolen.

You should go check it out, if for no other reason than to bump their traffic the paltry 25 supporters of this page, and to check out picture of cute red-head chick, and take a spin around her website.

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