The Giraffe Heard ‘Round the World.

A few weeks ago, while putting together the blog posting about our newest cabinet members, I had to go find a photo of a giraffe, as our giraffe refuses to have his photo taken.  It has something to do with a thing called “Megan’s Law” and it’s supposed to be “on the Q.T.” so I didn’t ask any more.  Anyway, I find a photo.  You might recall what it looks like.  Well, okay the 14 of you who read the post.


So, I find this photo online off a random google image search, and it comes up in a stock library of animal photos.  Perfect.  He’s gorgeous.

This is on November 3rd.

And then this post is from Kotaku on November 15th, conveniently when Simpson/Hemstad is on the campaign trail in D.C.

From this very flimsy coincidence it’s easy to deduce with absolute certainty that Kotaku are avid, if not silent Simpson/Hemstead supporters.  They are also thieves.  But mostly supporters.  And that’s flattering.

Boneless Moses!!!  I guess it’s also pretty clear that someone over there has a SERIOUS giraffe fetish.  Maybe that’s why they’re supporters.  I feel we should clear this up right now; Kotaku, Simpson/Hemstead will NOT be legalizing man/giraffe love.  WILL NOT.

But isn’t the fact that it’s taboo make it that much more thrilling?

Seriously, it’s a good place to go for gaming information, and it’s part of the Gizmodo network, so there’s a bunch of fun pop culture goodness across their affiliated sites, even for a group of closeted giraffe f@ckers.

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