So that’s how you wanna play things, Facebook?

Apparently Facebook has disabled Simpson/Hemstead’s ability to post videos due to copyright infringements.  Sadly, there’s nothing we’ve posted that infringes on copyright.  In fact, the video of mine that has been taken down is a video of my nephew saying “Vote Simpson/Hamstand” that i shot myself.

So now, while videos that I wanted to share with you load to vimeo, let’s go ahead and add Facebook to the Simpson/Hemstead Nixonian Enemies list.

It’s you and Justin Bieber, Facebook.  And Travis Barr.  But that’s from him being a dick in grade school so much.  Sure, I know I should let it go, it’s been 25 years, but goddammit I’m a Simpson AND a scorpio, if you take away my ability to hold grudges for the slightest things you cripple me as a human being.

What am I if I’m not spiteful and sardonic?  I’m nothing, that’s what I am.


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Making the world unsafe for dumbocracy

Posted on December 11, 2010, in America, Nixonian Enemies List. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Censorship sucks


  2. Ahhhh suck a fat one dumbass Facebook! Or is it Mark Zuckerberg?


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