Campaign For the White House (or How Murray Saved Arbor Day, Part 1)

As many of you know, Simpson/Hemstead took a monumental and precedent-setting trip to Washington D.C. this month to take our case to the people; provided that the people were in a bar, or foodery.

We had the fry vote, but the Jack and Coke delegate seemed a little empty

All in all it was a successful trip!  We never saw the inside of the White House, and I think we were followed by Secret Service three times in the week, which is down from last year.

The trip was successful, but I missed two very important photo ops:  One with a naked Aborigine man who sat next to the Jackson statue every day and watched the White House holding a long walking staff.  If anyone is Simpson/Hemstead material, a pot-bellied naked Aborigine who just sits and keeps an eye on shit is it.  I also missed a chance at a restaurant to get a senator to hold a Vote Simpson/Hemstead sticker.  But as you can see, we did quite a good job getting the word out, in places we expected people to go.

First of all, we found ourselves put up by the hard working American People (read: my totally awesome girlfriend Jacqueline) in what I suppose could be considered an adequate hotel, the St. Regis Washington DC.  Sure, it’s a 5 star hotel, but it was nearly two whole blocks walk to the White House every morning.  Not to mention there wasn’t a complimentary shuttle to take me to the Starbucks next door every morning.  It really felt like slumming in all honesty.

Slumming might have been a drastic overstatement.

So once I stopped crying and realized that I would have to live with a bathroom that only had a 19 inch TV built into it rather than a 40 inch that would have left no room to do one’s hair, and that I was going to have to work off some of this year’s campaign blubber to get anywhere, I decided to put on some clean underwear and brush my teeth (it was Thursday after all)

Magic Mirror TV knows what I like.

I felt good about this trip.

Part 2:  The first day of adventure!

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