Congratulations supporters, 01.13.11 is the most HEAVILY TRAFFICKED DAY IN SIMPSON/HEMSTEAD HISTORY!

Special thanks should go out to Nisraque and Monkeyman for single-handedly driving up visit totals with their commenting, and a good pat on the back to SSS for her continued diligence and YEARS of dogged support.


All three of you win an ice cream cone.

No, we don't have mint chip.

And also a package of Fun Dip

or as we call it "Starter Cocaine"


The first one who guesses what movie I have in my mind right now gets an old shoe filled with Snickers Minis.


Thanks for your continued support, I hope to see you all in our underwear real soon.



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  1. We’re going to be in your underwear?


  2. 1. I came back to re-read my comments about 50 times each, so I probably deserve an even greater share of the credit for that heavy traffic. And an extra ice cream cone.

    2. I’ll have Rum Raisin, please, but you have to say it in a Sean Connery voice.

    3. I’m guessing “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”.


  3. omg nom nom nom!!!!!!!!
    I expect you to follow through with this!

    p.s. My guess for the movie is…… Willy Wonka and the Choklet Factory (Gene Wilder one)


  4. oh yeah! and you are soooooooo very welcome.
    I’ve lost 12lbs so far, so if this continues, you will be seeing me in your underwear soon!


  5. I’m going to bank on topical and recent conversations and guess True Grit?? (still haven’t seen it *cough, cough*)

    Can the winner pick the old shoe?? I’m betting you got some sick high top Chucks or Dr. Martins somewhere… More space = more minis = good


    • Sounds like you’ve got something stuck in your throat there. You really should go see a doctor for that. I can’t imagine the air conditioning in a theater would be good for you with that cough.

      And no, not True Grit. Either of them.


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