The Internet Continues to Baffle and Amuse Me

These are the items most searched for from today.

That means, this is the stuff that was typed into search engines that popped up a link to this blog.
“scott leberecht girlfriend, ups drivers ed, vasectomy, hot chicks with funny shirts, empty wine beer bottles”

I’m proud that Simpson/Hemstead can provide some satisfaction to this diverse a range of needs, but I’m curious as to what the hell an “empty wine beer bottles” is, and a little curious as to who is searching the internet for Scott Leberecht’s girlfriend.
If you are looking for the form to apply for the position of Scott Leberecht’s girlfriend, you can email
Please include a headshot and zed card (including at least one full body nude), as well as the five things that turn you on and the five things that turn you off and a video of your face while watching yelling at cats. (Not Safe For Work for language while yelling at cats)

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  1. ‘Yelling at cats’ is a great way to test *any* would-be friend. If they laugh uncontrollably- they pass round 1. If they look sad &/or confused, but smile throughout- proceed with caution to round 2. If they get upset or want to argue about the video and why it’s not funny, but cruel- feed them to your cats or your neighbor’s cats (and then yell at them.)


  2. This video concerned me. It concerned me because I watched it with my wife sitting next to me and I started laughing. Out loud. I didn’t even abbreviate it – just laughed out loud the old-fashioned way. My wife, on the other hand, looked sort of sad and said, “That’s not funny.” I had a fleeting urge to scream at her to jump off the couch or I would end her, but I thought better of it and redirected that energy into this comment for the enjoyment of your ones of readers.*

    * Visitor estimates based on recent entry celebrating this blog’s “busiest day ever”


    • You might want to pack up the kids in the middle of the night and just leave. Just sayin. I’m sure she’s a great chick and all, and she clearly sat still long enough for you to have sex with her (bonus I think), but I worry about her and the upbringing of your children.

      Maybe you can “Murray” from Meatballs her. Wait for her to go to sleep and then take Hardware down to carry her bed to the middle of the lake. That’ll learn her.


      • > and she clearly sat still long enough for you to have sex with her…

        1. She wasn’t sitting.

        2. Yes, she did. (Woohoo!)

        3. Strictly speaking, it didn’t really have anything to do with how we had our kids. (Yay, science!)

        4. I’m thinking of getting a cat, just so I can scream at it and prove to her how funny it is.

        [quote]5. Seeing if quote tags work.[/quote]

        6. Seeing if a different kind of quote tag works.


    • we have officially tens of readers now.

      Big time all the way.


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