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Keeping a campaign running smoothly requires donations, and since no one but me goes to the Simpson/Hemstead online store, I finance all the majesty that is the Simpson/Hemstad juggernaut working on the VFX for movies like this one:

So go see that movie and support Simpson/Hemstead.

Also, go to the store already…

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  1. I only get out to 1-2 movies a year anymore, so I can’t promise anything. However, I promise that of all the surfing movies I consider going to see this year, this one will be at the top of my list. (Unless there’s a re-release of Point Break.) Nice work on the trailer. If you talk to Carrie Underwood, could you ask her to get me Bo Bice’s autograph?

    I looked at all the fine merchandise in the store, and you might want to consider a logo/tagline that’s more overtly Simpson-y/Hemstead-y, since most of the items seem to require the presence of a sailor to make sense, who hopefully has a magnifying glass handy to read the part at the bottom. Plus, I’m not sure why a sailor should be eyeballing my iPhone case or stackable mugs anyway. I am, however, giving serious consideration to a 50-pack of those handsome Simpson/Hemstead bumper stickers. By the way, could you please give me exact Google Map coordinates of where you usually park your car and what it looks like?

    P.S. Don’t let your running mate see how you spelled his name in describing your juggernaut – I know how sensitive he is about getting his name spelled right.


    • We’re still updating with the new 2011 logo. Last chance to buy 2010 merch.

      And Hemstead’s not much of a reader, his daily briefing has a picture of a national issue with either a duck holding a candy bar (good thing happening) or vitamins (bad thing happening). He’s able to keep up well enough.


  2. Y’know, with the color-coded terror alert system being discontinued, you could parlay that duck system into something bigger than just Hemstead’s briefings.


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