See Anything You Like?

Why yes, I think I do.

Following an exhaustive search of Catholic high schools and visitor’s day at many of our beautiful penal institutions* around the  country it looks like we might have found our Snorg Tees girl.  We think she has all the qualities of the original Snorg Tees girl, Alice including but not limited to the soft brown hair, nice rack, pouty lips and a look in her eye that is somewhere between hot and crazy.   We will be rolling out some more comparisons soon so you can see why we’re confident that we’ve found the girl to carry the Simpson/Hemstead message to the people…

…you know, after we ask her if she’s interested.

For the time being we shot some test photos of her that we’d like to show you fine followers (“test photos” is of course Simpson/Hemstead for “sent her a shirt anonymously in the mail, and then waited with a 2000mm telephoto lens in the apartment building across the street for the time when she would might wear it outside somewhere we could snap a photo).

It took six weeks, but she finally stepped outside in our gear for a smoke and a beer.  So without further ado, the first photo of who we hope will become the Simpson/Hemstead Snorg Tees girl**:

Stalking is hard, you can't even see the logo on her shirt....

*turns out this doesn’t mean what we thought it meant, but we can’t say it without giggling.

** provided the judge rules against her petition for a restraining order.

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