The Single Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Witnessed

I’ve watched Frank Sinatra perform live in seats close enough to see the pancake makeup.

I’ve seen Yul Brenner play “the King” on stage in “The King And I.”

I’ve watched glaciers calve 2 ton sheets of ice.

But until last Tuesday, I had never seen this:

Simpson/Hemstead was there.  My memebelly, tropetesines, and nerdsophogus were given a thanksgiving dinner of awesome.

Hopefully this one-time only dramatic reading of Rebecca Black’s Friday will spell the death knell to this internet monster.

In the Video:

Dramatic reading by James Urbaniak (Rusty Venture from The Venture Brothers)

Music by Paul and Storm.

Rap bridge by Gordie Crusher himself, Wil Fucking Wheaton.

A very special thanks to YouTube user and fellow geek  for capturing this moment and posting it for me to steal.  My own copy on my Galaxy S phone is no where near this good.

Thank you sir, or ma’am, whichever you may be.  I’m not here to judge.  Okay, I’m here to judge, but not you good sir.  Or ma’am.

EDIT:  Thanks to James Urbaniak for reposting this through the magic of Twitter.  This anonymous blogger (I guess this means I gotta step up the campaign) appreciates it.

EDIT Part Deux:  Doing some sleuthing from my desk through the magic of the internets I have finally seen a photo of SalaciousScribe.  He’s a man, man.  Thanks sir for filming this performance far better than I did.

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  1. Holy moley – shit just got real and the nerd circles of the internet got a little bit smaller again


  2. lol Gordie Crusher


    • In a perfect world, Wil Wheaton would insist TNG recut a scene in “First Duty” so he can say, “Suck my fattie, Kolvoord Starburst.”


    • Lol I almost called you out on that when you first posted it because I didn’t remember what his name in Stand by Me was…my nerdism almost got the better of me…I was going to post…”Pffft l0zer his name was Wesley Crusher, Lame-o” (said in Comic Book Store Guy voice).


  3. Maria E Watkins

    i had not seen the ‘friday’ you tube vid, was in CA due to family s@hit. when i got home all over tv she got death threats. now i see why (no real harm should be done to the poor clueless girl) to be honest i had never heard of mr. urbaniak. i will certinally look for more of his stuff on you tube. how’s that coattail thing workin for ya’?


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