Vote Simpson/Hemstead Top Searches 033111

At least white fluffy puppies are defeating white power.

This is what particular milkshakes are bringing people to the Simpson/Hemstead yard today.

Here’s what disappoints me:

Maltese puppies are beating out Simpson/Hemstead on their own page.

Hitler is tying Simpson/Hemstead.

Here’s what I’m happy with:

People have stopped hunting for Scott Leberecht’s girlfriend on our page.

The fucker looking for Hitler will have a photo of a half-naked Daniel Radcliffe embossed on a stock image of Mein Kampf as his reward.

Maltese puppies are beating Hitler.

Vote Simpson/Hemstead has actually become a term people have searched for to find our site.  That’s gotta be a good sign for the campaign.

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  1. also- I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad that Maltese puppies are beating out Hitler. I’d like to make the fucker searching for Hitler eat Maltese puppy shit while looking at that picture. Just sayin’.


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