Monkey Justice


Okay, last time people:

Monkeys are not witches.

Dugongs are not mermaids.

Will Farrell is not funny anymore.

The Star Wars prequels did not “get better” as they went along.  You just became accustomed to disappointment.

In Simpson/Hemstead’s America, monkey justice would be swift and cleansing.

Vote Simpson/Hemstead:  The monkey justice choice.

Poor monkey.

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  1. As a man of the monkey persuasion, this story hits close to home. I can’t even tell you how many times someone has climbed up a tree to get me and put me in a bucket full of gas. Fortunately, I know the spell that extinguishes any flame that comes near. (“Expelfiremus!”) The much more humane test for witchery is a good long dunk in a deep vat of water to see what happens.

    Will Ferrel is still occasionally funny. I’m with you on the rest, except for no opinion on dugongs, since I’ve never seen one and they may or may not be mermaids. It sounds like yet another ambiguity that a long dunk could help resolve, but use your own vat, because I haven’t got around to emptying all the dead monkeys out of mine yet.


  2. Maria E Watkins

    You have our votes. Thats is, m and my monkey!


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