Father’s Day

It’s a couple days early, but since most people don’t seem to make Simpson/Hemstead a weekend priority I thought I’d get this up today.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of the world, but double especially to all the Simpson/Hemstead supporter fathers.  Give your dad a big hug and a shitty bottle of English Leather on Sunday and tell him you love him.

Hemstead and I were brought together and bonded by three things in our lives:

  1. We both thought this chick Casey was a pretty groovy broad.
  2. We both have an unhealthy love of the Muppets.
  3. We both lost our fathers, and both men were postal workers.

As we’ve discussed before, Hemstead lost his when he was just a teenager, I was fortunate enough to keep mine until I was 32.  It’s safe to say that neither of us would be the men we are today if it weren’t for the influence of our fathers.

Also, neither of us would be the men we are today if those men hadn’t passed away.

Basically, it’s their fault.  And now Simpson/Hemstead will allow you to put faces to your displaced anger.

Guilty as shit.

You can just tell this dude's kid is gonna be a dick.

Happy Father’s Day, Fathers Hemstead/Simpson.  Thanks for your guidance, your senses of humor and for helping us remember that time is fleeting.

So tell your dad you love him, even if your friends say it’s extra faggy.  You could be growing up in a void without proper supervision and have ended up like Simpson/Hemstead, and I don’t think anyone wants that for their children.

Miss you dad


Oh yeah!  Also, thanks for knockin’ up mom so I could harass people with a blog, now let us never speak of it again.


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  1. Maria E Watkins

    Just kinda’ brings a little (sniff) tear t your eye, don’t it.


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