Welcome to Earf (quake)

In the last 15 minutes the Simpson/Hemstead Facebook page was alight with activity.  It appears our east coasters (mostly conveniently positioned around the Washington D.C. area for keggers upon Simpson/Hemstead’s inevitable election victory) are experiencing something they’re unfamiliar with:  Earthquake.

a 5.9 earthquake just rumbled it’s way through the East Coast and man, supports on the not-left side of the country just don’t know what to do.  See, being from California we do a lot of “woohooo”ing when an earthquake rolls into town (unless it’s one of those nasty dickhole earthquakes like San Fran or the ’94 Northridge quake.  We’re used to them, we use them as excuses to get out of our chairs at work and go talk to one another and start guessing amplitude.

East Coasters freak their shit out a little.  This is either a confused group of people or there was a fire sale on question marks at Staples:

Oh the Humanity (Like) (Comment)

I’m happy that all our supporters have come through the quake without incident.  I hope that damage is light, I know you guys don’t really think about those very often.  We’ll do our best to keep them on our coast, you guys keep your damned winter blizzard things.

Sorry we let that one slip by…

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