The Drops Of God

It’s no secret that Simpson/Hemstead are fans of wine.  We’ve cultivated this love for a collective two decades and Hemstead himself actually does work from time to time at wineries during the harvest.

We are also nerds.  Not asshole douchebag hipster nerds who think owning an iPad makes them Nerdy.  No, owning an iPad makes you trendy.  Jailbreaking an iPad to write a custom app that allows you to remotely monitor the processor temperature and efficiency of your Linux machine at home that is compiling your DVD collection by Name, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor and stars (with a special asterisked column for whether it has either Clint Howard, Art La Fleur, or Michael Biehn in it) makes you a nerd.

It’s with this in mind that we were excited to hear about THIS:

This is an internationally renowned comic book about WINE.  All aspects of wine.  Making, drinking, enjoying.  Sure this sounds about as exciting as a comic book about chess, we admit; however reviews point to the contrary.  The asian wine industry has skyrocketed due to this comic.

Simpson/Hemstead will be picking up their copies, and enjoying them with at least one good bottle of the drops of God while we read.

Also, if Clint Howard, Art La Fleur or Michael Biehn would like to come over for a glass or two, just let me know, we’ll order another copy.  You guys are always welcome at the Simpson/Hemstead compound.

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  1. Maybe I’ve seen too many examples of Anime porn, but I can’t help but see that wine steward as money-shooting into the wine bottle with freaky laser-like precision. Even though the one attractive woman in the scene looks “dazzled”, all the dudes look angry and the steward looks ashamed.

    Try and enjoy that wine now.


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