Book Learnin’ Alert: FLOW

Menstruation is Hip Again.  Now, this isn’t new to Vote Simpson/Hemstead.  We’ve been riding through menstruation’s iron-rich canyons long enough for our poncho to need a good hose down. See Exhibit A as proof .

However, now the rest of America is catching on to the marketability of the monthly shedding of the uterine lining.  It’s moved away from the closed realm of feminine hygiene products to literary content.  FLOW: The Cultural Story of Menstruation is getting some decent press, mainly in the daytime glory gold of endorsements from Doctor Oz and The View.  From what we gather through the internets and the magic of Google Book Preview, the purpose of the book is to comically and wittily address the importance language plays in suppressing serious conversations about menstruation — with a decadently feminist bent.

What happens when you type "drunk feminist" into Google to try and make a visual joke about a feminist on a bender. Are you even trying anymore, Google?

As for the book in question though, they’re going so far on the web as calling the book a manifesto, a movement, blah, blah, blah.

Americans love their manifestos.

Americans REALLY LOVE their manifestos.

Legitimately, the book is funny.  The authors have a strong comic voice that Vote Simpson/Hemstead thoroughly embraces, in that quiet, jealous sort of way.  The feminist agenda makes us a little itchy in our tickle parts however.  Irreverence makes us happy in our happy place, and life is too short to not see the humor in something as ripe with material as Aunt Flow.

Compared to an Ant Flow.  Also called the “Death Circle”.  Draw your own comparisons.

However, we are most disappointed that we were not interviewed for the euphemism section.  They got some good ones for the book.  The Danish phrase, “There are Communists in the Funhouse,” and the Dutch phrase “The Tomato Soup is Overcooked” make us kind of wish we could join in the fun…..and have a bowl of soup right now.

Those Ruskie bastards are in there overcooking the soup, I just know it.

However, Vote Simpson/Hemstead wants to add another euphemism to the list.  If the Dutch can do it, by god so can we.  Something more in line with our current consciousness, and a little less offensive to global politics.  Maybe something that includes the man as part of the cycle if even in a psychological sense.  After nearly 82 minutes of hard research and whiskey we’ve come up with our entry into the menses euphemism dictionary; “Danny’s at the Elevator”.

This is pretty much what the mention of "communists in the funhouse" does to even the most masculine and stalwart of men.

For those of you who don’t understand the reference, let me post for you what Danny is looking at:


If you still don’t know the reference I suggest you start doing some youtube searches for Danny and Elevator.

So next time Danny’s at the Elevator ladies, and men who love ladies, and men who maybe wish they were ladies – remember to Vote Simpson/Hemstead, the ticket for the joyfully, un-apologetically irreverent.

photo credit: my fridge

*Simpson/Hemstead asks that all good supporters change their facebook or google + profile pictures to a shrieking Danny in support of our new phrase the next time Aunt Flo discovers some lousy communists are overcooking their tomato soup in the funhouse.

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