Can’t Help But Wonder…

When will it become a penalized offense for our elected officials to engage in ‘pithy’ sound-bite friendly name calling best suited for internet trolls or tweens in a school yard.

  • You are an elected official.
  • You make more money than your average constituent
  • You have your pension guaranteed
  • You are who the public looks toward for a symbol of excellence and decorum
  • I am entrusting you with the decisions that shape our country

Please show the maturity assumed of educated statesmen and women, and not media whores.

The more I see politicians taking pot shots at one another on any side of the political spectrum, the more I see our entire government as a gallery of Courtney Stoddenesque children.  And the more Simpson/Hemstead starts feeling like a realistic choice for elected office.

Why are we tolerating this sort of behavior from those we have given such power?  Why do we allow subversive, slanderous name calling within the ranks of our government?  To give the republican horde sound bites declaring the ineffective leadership of the democrats?  To give the democratic horde sound bites declaring the republican lack of connection to the common man?

Stop allowing these people to pander to your “oh snap” gene.  Demand maturity and decorum from your elected officials.  Expect, and tolerate no less.

They won’t always make the right decisions, they won’t always make the most popular decisions, and they might have inhaled at some point in their lives; but dammit, they will represent the country like statesmen and stateswomen.

Tell them enough is enough.

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