The Legend of Flat Jim

Alternatively, he also has no penis. Un-flat Jim would like me to remind people that this is where Flat and Un-Flat Jim diverge. Don’t make him send photos.

It turns out that the pressures of being America’s candidates is somewhat tricky.  Often times folks want you to be a part of their book signing, car dealership promotion, Comic Book Convention, or funeral processions.  Even with two of us sharing the workload of a single candidate it becomes somewhat tricky to be everywhere at every time.  This is why Flat Jim was born.

Flat Jim is a photo of one half of the nation’s most under-utilized candidates that you, the supporter can print out, affix to a stick of some manner, and create your own ingenious photo opportunities with the Co-mmander in Chief.   He’s portable, fits in backpacks, and costs less than 3 dollars to create.  We have rolled out beta versions of Flat Jim to multiple markets and are already seeing some amazing photos of what Flat Jim can do for our country.  We will soon open up Flat Jim to the general public, with instructions on how to make your own Flat Jim.  Watch this space, for Flat Jim is coming.

So please, go check out the Flat Jim Tumblr, like it, follow it, share it with your friends and let’s help spread Flat Jim to the world.

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