Jim Update: Nov 6th – 7PM

First of all a couple of corrections from my last update:

Jim was not sedated to keep him sleeping, it is a product of the swelling on the brain that keeps him lethargic and sleepy.  As Casey told me today,

Now for some updates!

As his wife relayed to me, his general sleepiness is a result of the pressure on the brain.  His general state was “resting”.  He would talk and be awake so long as he was being stimulated by conversation.  If there was a lull he’d nod back off.  Casey told me that last night she went after work and found Jim awake, sitting in his bed when she got there.  THIS IS HUGE NEWS!  This means he’s been responding to the medication to help his brain reabsorb the blood!  Awake without external stimulation is AWESOME!  Way to go big Jim!

This was confirmed by his mother who said earlier that she sat with him today and had a great long talk, and he was joking with her and Ryan.  As we mentioned before, his sense of humor is very Jim and the man we all love is very much there.  I know this has been concerning some of you who have been writing me, but please know, JIM IS JIM!!!

His wife was careful to express that of course there is a lot of work to do still and it will be a long road to get back to “normal”.  I told her that we’d all be here for that road, offering to help as we can.  Sorry, I spoke for all of you.  Hope that was cool.

The most prominent question I got today to ask his wife was, “Is there any place I can donate money to help with medical bills?”

The question, and the fact that it was asked multiple times floored her.  There is nothing in place right now, but they are working on some ideas on fund raising and we will report more as we have info.  If you would like to help or have ideas please feel free to bring them to the table in the comments section below.

Again, big props to Jim and Casey’s families for helping with the kids and keeping Jim company during the days.  They’re doing a great job helping get the big guy back!

That’s all for now, please comment or email with questions and I’ll get them answered tomorrow!!!!

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