JIm update: 110812 20:03

Got an update from Jim’s wonderful wife.

Jim was in physical therapy today.  He was able to find his midline while he was in an assisted sit on the edge of his bed.

What this means is, he was moved to the edge of the bed, and the therapist helped him sit up and asked him to find his midline.  He was able to do that.  That’s a GREAT step!

He’s showing some muscle tone and support on his affected side when in an assisted stand. That is also great news!

He’s not able to support his own weight yet and he has no mobility on his left hand side yet.

But no one is expecting miracles at this point.  This is why we need everyone to keep checking in.  Let jim know you’re in this with him for the long haul.  We all know he can and will do it, it’ll just take time.  Stick with him, folks!

Oh yeah, one more thing:

He’s got more sensation on his left side!!!


Not all sensation, but more.  Little victories are huge victories!


that’s all for now folks.  More later!!


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  1. Little victories mean a lot. We all know Jim’s got big victories yet to celebrate. C’mon, bro… show us how you can do it!


  2. Any new news today? Andria’s here in Ventura is supposed to send a message. Weather and printer permitting we are taking Flat Jim on a photo shoot about town this weekend and maybe next week. Use the force! it must be strong in you! 🙂


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