Quick Update About Jim

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday, I was caught at work and did not have time to call for an update.

One thing that I did want to pass along though, more an anecdote than anything, is this wonderful little tidbit.

On election day, despite being in ICU and having suffered a stroke, Jim voted.

It was something very important to him as he believes deeply in this country and no power in the ‘verse was going to stop him from casting his ballot.

Sadly I don’t think he cast it for Simpson/Hemstead.  But as we always say, a vote against Simpson/Hemstead is still a vote for democracy.

I’ll try to get a status update this afternoon, please comment with questions you might have so I can pass them along.

Thanks for your continued concern.  There’s a long road ahead and Jim will need all of your support for the long haul!

Ask questions.  About his stroke, his family, or even random crap like what music he’s preferring to listen to or how many fingers are you holding up.


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  1. Shannon Ziccardi

    LOL Jimmy voted JUST to cancel me out…LOL. I STILL love him…he likes making that hard to do! Was hoping for scrambled noodle helping him vote a straight conservative ticket… Love to all


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