Jim Update: 11/14/12

Sorry for the delay here folks, I’m also prepping for a 3 Day charity event this weekend so I’m a little slower than usual.


The reason we’re all checked in to this thing!

What a person comes to learn with stroke recovery is that with every bit of good news comes an equal amount of frustrating news.  It’s a self-contained system of checks and balances that seems to serve no other purpose than to make a person wonder, “Will you make up your mind already?”

The added hilarity in that thought is of course that the stroke, it’s symptoms and it’s recovery is indeed all contained within the brain.  And the brain is a far more complex engine than we give it credit.

Jim has been moved to his own room, meaning he is out of ICU and out of immediate danger.  It’s a moment that we have all been very excited for because it means that therapy can begin in earnest rather than so much effort spent on managing some of the more life-threatening effects of this debacle.

However, this doesn’t mean he’s out of ALL danger.  It also doesn’t mean that a month of Rocky-style montages counter-cut with footage of Dolph Lundgren exercising and Jim will be back to the way he was pre-stroke.  The road ahead is long and hard, and the reality is that there is no exact science as to how much Jim’s brain can recover the motor skills that have been lost.  It’s a work hard and see scenario, and that’s where it can become frustrating.  We are talking months, to years of work to return to what will be the new normal.  This new normal could be 99% of original recipe Jim, or it could be somewhat significantly less.  We will have to wait and see.

F yeah.

Jim’s doctors would have liked to have seen more improvement in him in this last week in terms of sensation and mobility than they did.  The improvements were slight, and the lack of greater improvement as the swelling comes down off the brain points toward more damage than what is considered an ideal scenario.   This makes it especially hard on Jim, his wife, their mothers and of course the children.  It’s psychologically easier to fight something that isn’t nebulous.  It’s a simpler battle to rage against a foe who has a clear face and whose defeat is a simple matter of assembling pieces.  Jim’s recovery is completely dependent on his brain, the extent of damage to it, and the speed/ability it has to recover.  And that is not a precise foe.

With this week in a progressive care room, a targeted and more specific long term plan can be put together that takes the less-than-optimal recovery of sensation and mobility into account.

There is also a plan moving forward for accepting donations from friends and well-wishers, including money, services, and gift cards.  That should be ready to move forward by the end of the week.  Thank you all again for your constant pressure to make this happen, it’s easy to overlook the generosity of friends when the family is rightfully wearing firm blinders of “get through today, and figure out tomorrow.”   Once that official fundraiser goes live I implore you on behalf of the family to send it to as many folk as you can muster.

For those who are asking how Jim is doing mentally, he’s making your typical Jim jokes much to the delight and chagrin of his family, and according to Casey he spent 10 minutes, “ranting about the Laker’s choice of hiring D’Antoni.”  

Knowing Jim’s connection to the Muppets, I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing to tell him about the dude who accused Kevin Clash of sexual molestation this last week (an individual who has since recanted his story).

 To recap:

The good news is

– Jim’s in a progressive care room and his periods of sleeping and alertness are normalizing somewhat.  His cognitive functions are well and firmly in place, and his sense of humor has not been affected.  The act of rehabilitation can begin in earnest. Charitable donations are being set up and will be rolled out this week so we can all help with the family during this emotionally and financially straining time.  The group of supporters that Jim has following his care is growing, not dwindling.  This is still one of THE MOST important things.  And of course the Kevin Clash accuser recanted his statements – this is probably bigger news to Jim than to most of you.

 The frustrating news is

– Jim hasn’t shown the improvement his doctors had hoped for yet.  The emotional and financial strain on the family is significant and will be long term.  The scope of the long term outlook is not locked in, and will remain nebulous for a while as Jim’s brain reassesses it’s resources.  The Lakers hired D’Antoni.

Please stay connected, please stay interested.  Please keep posting on Jim’s Facebook or here on this site, or on his Twitter account.

I couldn’t find the third image of Jim I pulled for this update, and it was a good one.  So here’s a picture of a cute little boy who looks suspiciously like our hero playing with Star Wars Muppets.


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  1. I was wondering how he’s doing. Any progress is good progress at this point, I’m sure. I will chant for Jim and his family.


  2. Jim’s twin! <3<3<3 Thinking of you!!


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