Washington Redskins

We’re not really following this whole Washington Redskins trademark thing other than the outrage from people on our facebook walls who 1: don’t live in Washington and 2: aren’t Native Americans.  BUT, we do like any opportunity to possibly rename a sports franchise.  So we’d like to formally propose to you the perfect mascot to carry the mighty Washington team into this next evolution:

Football just got wet and furry

Football just got wet and furry

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  1. Maria Watkins

    I don’t have a dog in this REDSKINS fight. So, I’ll just say this. Who give a flying fuck if they are called the Redskins or the Catwhales. People are still going to pay the big bucks for the luxury boxes. The little guys will still pay for the inflated general admission ticket. Buy the over priced beers and hot dogs and nachos. Nothing will change but the name. The folks who are pissed off about the name Redskins will find something else to be pissed off about. Life as we know it will go on. Trust me on this one”


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