The Multiverse and How It Relates To Top Gun

Let me recount a conversation with the first lady during breakfast this morning.  Pandora was playing the hits of the 80’s and Kenny Loggin’s “Playing With the Boys” starts playing.  She looks up after about half of the song and then this conversation happens.

First Lady: I don’t know that I’ve seen Top Gun all the way through.

Vote Simpson/Hemstead: What do you mean you don’t know if you’ve seen Top Gun all the way through?

FL: I thought I’ve seen Top Gun before, but I’ve never heard this song.

VSH: This song is kind of attached to a memorable scene for women.  It’s pretty much the scene every girl remembers from the movie.

FL: Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen the movie all the way through.

VSH: All the way through?  That scene happens like 35 minutes into the movie. (Edit: it’s 46 minutes)

FL:  Maybe I think I’ve seen little bits of the movie maybe online or in pictures so I feel like I’ve seen it.

VSH: (vehemently) Yeah, but It’s the scene where all the pilots are shirtless and oiled up playing volleyball at the beach.

FL: (Casually) Not ringing a bell.

As someone who was raised on a strict diet of pop culture not knowing if one has seen a movie or not is something I can’t wrap my head around.  She wasn’t and is often confused by the depth of my pop culture trivia knowledge, and subsequently confused as to why I can do that, but not math.

I personally love these conversations, they are those great moments where it seems like you are living in two tangental universes that are brushing up against each other, allowing us to communicate.” target=”_blank”>This video is the best analog I have for the experience.

Except each one of us is Christopher Walken, and each one of us is Tim Meadows.

Anyway, we’re watching Top Gun tonight, so at least my universe will know that she’s watched it all the way through the next time her universe forgets.

Slider is ready. I hope she is.

Slider is ready. I hope she is.

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