10 Days of 10 Years Later – Day 07


I’ve always loved that lyric.  It was coincidentally the quote I chose for this day a few days ago, but becomes more timely since the passing of George Martin, the longtime producer of The Beatles.  Also coincidentally he produced a tribute album several years ago with celebrities singing Beatles’ tunes, and they’re mostly somewhat lackluster, but for this song he had Sean Connery do a dramatic reading.  And it was quite powerful for me.  It might have something to do with the fact that Dad was often compared to Sean Connery later in life, or perhaps that he is the one and only James Bond and I was raised with his voice in my head.

All these posts have been done in one way basically, I would think of a quote, or get lead to a quote that interested me, and write on that subject completely by the seat of my pants.  But as I’ve said, today was different.  I had today planned out from the beginning.  Or at least I had the bones of today planned out.  I’ve been talking a lot about the guy on the left side of that photo, and also quite a bit about the fella writing these posts.  But today I knew  I wanted to talk about the pretty blonde girl on the right of frame.  That’s my mother.

And today is the 10th anniversary of when she was diagnosed as “cancer free.”

That’s right, three days before we lost Dad, we were celebrating that we weren’t going to lose her anytime soon.  And that seemed to be Dad’s button on a running joke.

He had a penchant for inadvertently stealing her thunder.  She’d get diagnosed with cancer, he’d go into the hospital a couple of days later.  She’d finish radiation treatment and he’d get put on hospice.  She’d be given a clean bill of health, he’d die immediately after.  As my mother and I were sitting with my father’s body in his apartment, waiting for the funeral home to come pick him up she said through some tears, “You couldn’t give me a week, huh Bob?”

I’ve talked a lot about mom, and she wouldn’t want me to rehash the way I have been with Dad, but I urge you to read this to find out more about her.

As it turns out she’s been reading these posts, so I guess I was WAY WRONG when I said she doesn’t internet very well.  I found out this morning when she sent me an email talking about Dad and me and my sister.  It was beautiful and heart-wrenching.  I’d love to share it, but it’s not mine to share and would require too many annotations to make sense. But I don’t have the words to compete with what she wrote this morning.  And I’m not going to try to.

She’s an amazing woman, and I’m damned lucky to have her in my life.  So PLEASE, click on the link posted above and honor her on this day.  Share it.  Celebrate those that not only lived, but who do so with grace and style.  If you know her, drop her a line of congratulations.  She’ll probably be mad at me later for embarrassing her, but suck it, ma.  I love you and I’m so damned happy you are around.

As for you Dad, I’ll get back to you tomorrow.  Today’s about Mom.  You owe her that and a thousand percent more, so shut your trap about it.

Besides, you’ll get to steal her thunder again tomorrow.

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