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It’s Getting On The Walls Even

Culver City has it’s ups and downs.

On the upside – great food, hotel that Munchkins trashed in Wizard Of Oz, and beach adjacent for a nice climate.

On the downside –  “young” Hollywood, potential for meth-addict neighbor who thinks you are the wheel man in a complicated plot to maliciously trim his hedges in the middle of the night, and hipster graffiti.

Someone(s) has taken to tagging downtown Culver with their particular brand of wacky, ironic douchebaggery.

That’s right, someone is pooing all over the walls and curbs and community theaters in Culver City, often times accompanied by a faux-reticent comment sprayed next to the offending Poo “Sorry, I pooed on your wall”.

I don’t have anything pithy here folks.  Hipster douchebags are tagging now.  It must be very ironic to them.  All I know is I’d like to give them a taste of their own medicine.

In the mouth.

Not paint.

The monkey justice way.

Certain Immutable Facts and Also Things You Might Not Have Known

  1. Republican and Democrat do not traditionally mean or stand for what you think; I am speaking to members of Congress as much as I am the layman.
  2. It’s the heart of self-defeatism to, in the face of economic collapse stand by a party line first for a short-term gain, rather than by your nation for a long term survival.  I am speaking to the members of Congress as much as I am the layman.
  3. Immutable is a fun word.
  4. Testosterone makes hair fall out of men’s heads.
  5. If you leave a highball glass of milk sitting on my nightstand for the span of 10 hours during summer, it’s hot enough in my bedroom to curdle the milk into a solid cylinder.
  6. Richard Nixon was a socially progressive president, and good friend of John F. Kennedy.
  7. I’m double jointed in my left thumb.
  8. The kids on Jersey Shore that you like to make fun of for being so trashy and selfish and bankrupt as human beings have made more money since that show began than you will ever see in your life.  They’ve made this money because you operate under the assumption that they are inferior to you and exist for your distraction and amusement, not unlike an emperor guffawing at the exploits of his jester or fool.  However in this case the fool has power and wealth, and the emperors are fighting to avoid foreclosure.
  9. Bisquick is NOT “making pancakes from scratch.”
  10. 20 year reunions are hilarious, informative, and seasoned with a hair of schadenfreude if you know where to look.

The Dowd Syndrome

Fascinating blog about a woman living with a crippling yet amusing disease.



You should check it out.

Monkey Justice


Okay, last time people:

Monkeys are not witches.

Dugongs are not mermaids.

Will Farrell is not funny anymore.

The Star Wars prequels did not “get better” as they went along.  You just became accustomed to disappointment.

In Simpson/Hemstead’s America, monkey justice would be swift and cleansing.

Vote Simpson/Hemstead:  The monkey justice choice.

Poor monkey.

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