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Humane Treatment Of Middle Class Ironic America

Simpson/Hemstead rolls out it’s organically-grown, humane treatment of animals line today with this hum-dinger of a shirt.

Click Here:

Show the bar patron next to you how up with the times you are with animal rights by flashing this little baby across your chest, or your newborn’s infant jumpsuit.  You care how people are brought up, let Simpson/Hemstead express how…

Groping costs extra







Greatest Quote From Email Thread I Was CCed OnToday

“You can use my boobs, btw.”


That’s Simpson/Hemstead thinkin’ right there.

The 2010 Campaign: There are boobs in this post I swear, please click. We need the traffic.

While searching the internet for fodder for the site, I typed “votesimpsonhemstead” into the google image search and got some pretty spectacular results.  

now that's politics I can wrap around my head.

Sure there’s only four pictures there now, but everything starts small, even something as deliciously round and voluptuous as  We’re goin’ up all the time baby…  and with your help, and for God sake, multiple click-thrus we can get Simpson/Hemstead up to maybe at least 7 photos on Google, and one of them might even be full size.

And in regards to that, we’re launching the 2010 campaign… new bumper stickers, new t-shirts, new thongs.  But what will draw the people out for Simpson/Hemstead.  What’s eye catching enough to compete with the photo above?  

Ladies and Gentlemen, I unveil the catch phrase and artwork for the 2010 Vote Simpson/Hemstead campaign.  Please post thoughts, comments, and what sorts of apparel you’d like to see emblazoned with this art:

Or anything you're willing to pay 10 dollars for?

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