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Supporting Non-Sparkly, Un-Douchey Very NOT Pedophile Vampires Is Supporting Simpson/Hemstead

*EDITOR’S NOTE:  Special thanks to common sense and narcissism for showing me that my headline for this post alluded to Jacob being a pedophile, rather than me taking another easy swipe at the countless 400 year old fanged perverts who can only fall in love with immature 16 year old high school girls because they “get” them.  Apparently once you cross the 200 year old senility barrier you become a teenage girl.  There’s a reason to be a vampire right there…

Midnight Son, an independent feature film co-produced by Simpson/Hemstead, had it’s world premiere this last weekend at Cinequest in San Jose California.

It met unanimous critical and audience praise (except this whiner ).   Now it’s time to get Midnight Son out to you, the supporters.

Go to Midnight Son’s website:

Go to Midnight Son’s Facebook page:

Show your support, show your love, show that you wanna see the film distributed and baby, Simpson/Hemstead will make it happen.  This is your first chance to see the awesome power of each vote put into action.  This is your first chance to let us show you how Simpson/Hemstead can put every citizen in real contact with the decisions of their government.

First indie movies, next the country.

Pretty please…

Also, go here:

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Equally good for drunkards:

*naptime at any cost

and even women:

*not accurate depiction of Simpson/Hemstead

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