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Damn Internet, You Scary!

UPDATE:  10.31.11 – Woohoo, it looks like the internets are listening.  One of yesterday’s more popular search terms on the website was this:  “scott leberecht in culver city.”  Personally I think it’s a great step forward away from the Hitlers and more Hitlers.  I guess the Midnight Son screenings went well enough that people are thinking of stalking Scott at the house.  Just a heads up, I have security cameras, so keep it clean and legal folks.


Okay, it’s starting to freak me out some that this is CONSISTENTLY what my “Top Search Engine Terms” results look like.

That's HITLER'S "Mein Kampf," in case you were going to confuse it with say... Jay Z's "Mein Kampf"

I’m a little unsettled that it seems like we’re a fascist subliminal message in a sea of Hitlerian love.  And man, fascism is not what Simpson/Hemstead is about at all.  We’re nowhere near alpha males enough to be fascist.  Hell, we’ve been working on this political campaign for 10 years now, it took us 8 years to actually put up a website and only 1 of us contributes to it.  We are too easily distracted by TV and Facebook to be fascists.  Is there such a thing as fascipacifist?  I think that’s the closest we come to fascism.

I do think that it’s nice that Simpson/Hemstead has made an appearance in our search terms, but man, can we have people search for Scott Leberecht’s girlfriend some more or something?  Please?    Jesus this is getting creepy.

I guess that good old-fashioned racism is alive and well.  Damn Internet, you scary.

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