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L.A. Non-Consensual Conjugal Event Van

I don’t know why, but for some reason this vehicle sends shudders through my soul.  I don’t have a hysterical fear of vans, so it can only be a rapewagon.  I didn’t see it long from the sides, but I’m pretty convinced the words “Free Candy” were etched into them with a screwdriver.

Also a fine selection of ice creams and chloroforms

It’s like a food truck, but instead of some manner of “fusion” sliders it hands out unsolicited conjugal events of a non-consensual variety.


Where is Corporate Lackey Wolverine when we need him?    Even if he can’t fight the rapewagon he must know how to file an injunction against it or something.

Editor’s Note:  I’ve attempted to right this image 5 times now, but wordpress insists it lay on its side.  Perhaps wordpress is in collusion with the L.A. rapewagon industry.

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