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Nike BTTF Shoes

Welcome Google travelers who want God-Awful ugly movie shoes!  Our humble blog post about the Nike Mags being auctioned for charity has become the number 2 Google Image Search result for “Back To The Future Shoes” in Google.

Here’s it’s right here….

Yup, just linked back to Google’s link to our page…  kinda curious to see what happens now, I might create an infinite loop.

So welcome ugly shoe enthusiast.  Believe me, Simpson/Hemstead is right there with you….

We haven’t generated this kind of traffic since James Urbaniak gave a dramatic reading to Rebecca Black’s Friday….


James, come back, we miss you buddy.  And we miss the traffic.  Also, can I have an autograph?  On a Rebecca Black photo?  And would you like to come over to watch Ghostbusters in the backyard in a couple weeks while we all carve pumpkins?

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