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Hot And Bothered Women Love Scott Leberecht

What’s not to love?  He’s a good lookin’ man and he’s creative and just artsy emo enough to be distant and moody, but not so much you wanna cock punch him.  He’s got sleeve tattoos and he’s from Ohio, which is well known as the epicenter of American sexuality.

And he’s got a movie coming out.  In fact it just got written up on Dread Central this morning.  You can see the review by clicking here:

So that’s great.  And of course, since that review went live yesterday, what were the hot Simpson/Hemstead search terms?

Apparently when wimmen realize Edward Cullen is a fictional pedophile douche, they turn to real people, or sometimes Harry Potter. Creepy.

What a great way to start out the week, but if you are looking to apply for the position of Scott Leberecht’s girlfriend, follow the link for instructions:

Scott Leberecht Girlfriend Submission Guidelines

Iron Eyes didn't read the guidelines.

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