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Corporate Lackey Wolverine Is BACK!!!

He was there again!  Look at him!  CLW!  He’s changing his look some, he’s grown his hair out, and the toll of fighting internet startup company problems has put more grey in his hair, but it’s definitely him.  the laptop, the large boxes, and now the full size office printer.  That’s right, CLW now has a full printer set up in the middle of a Starbucks.  He is truly the working class superhero!


For a time I had speculated that he might be homeless, which would suck.  But that also shows such great initiative to succeed that he’s set up shop in a Starbucks.  But he smells so nice, is always freshly showered looking and has no signs of meth teeth.

No, CLW is an enigma; and he’s the kind of enigma we want on Simpson/Hemstead’s team.


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