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Tax Season

Quick post from the Vote Simpson/Hemstead accountant Stephanie Munnyloz, to all of our subscribers and supporters:

“To: VSH Supporters and Dependents

From: Stephanie Feindur Munniloz, U.C.P.A.D.D.S.

Re: Taxes

Please tell your hordes of followers (yes I’m using that term sarcastically to represent the 4 simpering morons that buy in to your bullcrap) that they are running out of time to file their taxes.  In fact they are down to two days here.  Get on it.  Also let them know that if they need help, my team of nearly certified accountants and dog walkers are available for last minute hail mary tax preparations.


Stephanie Feindur Munniloz, U.C.P.A.D.D.S.

P.S. This applies to you two knuckleheads too, you know.  Simpson, is it possible for you to write a password down for your retirement account?  I know people “make you edgy” but for God’s sake can you PLEASE call customer support and get this resolved by E.O.D. Monday the 13th?  Hemstead, I looked it up, and this thing you call “Mr. Bungle” is not a registered therapeutic device, nor is it doctor prescribed and therefore I can’t deduct it no matter how many times you underline it.  Please tell me what it is so I can see if it is deductible in some other column.

P.P.S. Just a reminder that you jackaninnies ARE NOT TO COPY AND PASTE THIS EMAIL INTO THE WEBSITE!  I cannot stress this enough.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THIS EMAIL INTO THE WEBSITE.  Do you remember what happened in 2010?  What am I saying, of course you don’t.  Suffice it to say that you do not want a repeat of 2010.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THIS EMAIL INTO THE WEBSITE, just let your increasingly unamused audience know about tax day on the 15th of April and that we are available to help.  That’s all.  NOTHING ELSE.”

Stephanie also sent us a photo of herself she thought might be helpful for our TL;DR group.


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