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Day Job Gets Antoine Dodsoned.

Looks like someone with a wicked sense of geeky to them has collected a series of cable shows and auto tuned the hell out of them to make a catchy little tune about quantum theory, including a breakdown by Stephen Hawking.

Wouldn’t you know it?  The whole thing starts off with my buddy Morgan Freeman and then gets into a bunch of our VFX work for the first season.

See kids?  Science can be fun!!!

On a side note, why doesn’t Stephen Hawking have a signature fragrance like Justin Bieber?

Day Job – Support the Cause

I just spent the last several months of my life doing the visual effects for this show with a team of very talented people.  Support Simpson/Hemstead by watching it, and making your friends watch it.  It’s on at 9pm tonight on the Science Channel

And then go buy stuff from our store.

And to answer the episode title:  Yes, time exists.  Just ask any boss in America.

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