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Cuban Coffee Part Three: Taka Taka Time

An important part of the Cuban coffee experience is the creation of the espuma.  Now, once you’ve stopped giggling and gotten all the “that’s what she said”s out of your system, we’ll continue….

This is the part of the experiment that is Cuban coffee where you pour a tiny bit of coffee into a pyrex cup with some sugar (the ratio of which is very important, as addressed in part 2) and you stir the concoction until it looks something like caramel.  The sound of the spoon on the glass makes a “taka taka” noise.  You are supposed to say this chant, “taka, taka!  Taka, taka!” as you stir.   I’m not explaining well, watch this video:

There are other Cuban coffee how-to videos but this one is the most fun, and she’s definitely the cutest of them.  *Editors Note:  Most of the other ones are inexplicably middle aged men who look like they just woke up or spent the night stalking the neighborhood children.  This should not diminish the cuteness though.

Since I do not have a pyrex measuring cup (as pictured in the video) I improvised.  I used a heavy gauge cocktail glass shaped like a tiki.

Also goes great filled with rum and tiny umbrellas

Personally I think this Tiki Taka Taka adds a nice Polynesian flair to an otherwise not even remotely Polynesian event.   Besides, I find chanting “Tiki, taka-taka!  Tiki, taka-taka” VERY satisfying, and somehow Cuban-flavored.

Like the rice at Souplantation.














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