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Bored At Work Aggregate Fourfecta (like Trifecta, but with one additional fecta)

Vote Simpson/Hemstead has been linked to Fark, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit all in the same day.  Officially that makes us real in the eyes of work-avoidance nerdery.  It is as though Simpson/Hemstead has been born into the world, an awkward, hairy, smelly baby of fanboyism.

Sure, we were linked for people looking for a video of James Urbaniak and Wil Wheaton, but hey, I’m happy to ride some coattails for a while, so Mr. Urbaniak I’m gonna need you to continue wearing snazzy vintage 60’s suits, and Mr. Wheaton, I’m gonna have to ask that you start wearing something with coattails on it, so that I might ride more comfortably.  K thks bai!

Hi Farkers, Howdy Reddits, Velkommen Facebookers and sup Twits.

Okay, I’m at work delivering a show, so I should probably get back to that.

Oh also, support my day job, watch Through the Wormhole: With Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel and DVD.

He really looks less bored in the show, I promise.

And also go so Soul Surfer in theaters April 8.  It’s about a hot chick who gets her arm bitten off by a real douchebag of a tigershark.

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