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Simpson/Hemstead Shirt Spotted In the Wild!!!

See?  People ARE wearing the merchandise!  You gotta have it.  If you need a shirt that says, “I might be a pickpocket or a loose woman, or possibly even a street taco vendor selling his wares,” then baby, we’ve got you covered!

Sure, it’s supposed to mean, “Look at Simpson/Hemstead, do you see anything you like?  Because if so you should vote for us,” but when our t-shirt printer guy person told us how much that would be, we opted to shorten it.  As a result our shirt (and presumably campaign as well) has become popular with prostitutes, car salesmen, yacht enthusiasts, and for some reason paralegals.  But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out if you’re not one of those highly elite supporters!

Our shirts are printed on 100% authentic t-shirt made in a factory somewhere by someone.  I don’t know who, but really, do you care?  It’s a shirt.  You can’t walk around naked (yet*) so you gotta wear something.

Order yours today and within one week you can be coyly asking the world, See anything you like, sailor?

Pictured: Yacht Enthusiast

*Vote Simpson/Hemstead:  We promise to make the Let Your Freak Flag Fly Act of 2012 be our top priority….

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