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Happy New Year!!!

We at Simpson/Hemstead had a busy 2013, between work and family schedules and pesky things like learning to walk and use our hand again. Collectively we have lost over 100 pounds, set up a Northern White House in the expanses of Minnesota, and came back from personal tragedy to show how strong the body can be when the will to overcome is applied.

We’re thinking 2014 must have some wonderful and interesting twists in store for us, and feel confident that we can overcome and conquer. We’re thankful as always for all our nearly 10’s of supporters and hope the new year brings you happiness, prosperity, and a liberal sprinkling of adventure.

We’re looking forward to the game of chess life has laid out for us, and so very happy that you’ve chosen to play this game with us.

Happy New Year from all of us at Simpson/Hemstead

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